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I provide speech and language assessment services within your child’s private school environment or within your home. Once the assessment is completed, I report on the results, review recommendations with you, and generate goals and objectives for your child, in consultation with you. 

I also provide direct intervention and consultation for students within their private school environments or within their homes. Depending on the nature of the child’s language or EF challenges, I may see the student 1:1 or in a small group situation. My goal is to ensure generalization of targeted skills. 

I offer a third service which is a regular north shore teen social group called “Chill & Chat”. We have been running year round for over three years and have received much praise from teens themselves, parents, and teachers. I employ trained peer conversation coaches to accompany the teen clients and myself for hour long sessions in local cafes and coffee shops. Teens learn and practice social thinking and executive function skills “at the point of performance” with their peers in real community venues. For example, a teen whose favorite pizza is pepperoni, many need to compromise if everyone else in the group is vegetarian. Teens are always welcome to join.

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